5 months food blogging – 5 things you must do NOT.

5 months food blogging – 5 things you must do NOT..

I cringe that I have committed at least one of these sins…


Sorry Conor 😦


First post of 2012! (better late than never…)

As you may have noticed, there has been a bit of a gap (to say the least!) between blog posts. There have been many reasons (read excuses here): Christmas, New Years, Goodbyes, Hellos, travelling around Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The truth is I have been swept along in the moment and lost my blogging mojo. I really want to post, but somehow it keeps dropping down my to do list.

As I have alluded to above, we have been doing a lot of travelling around in 2012 – a fantastic experience and one that has allowed us to experience so many amazing things in such a short space of time. My wife is an avid blogger and has made a pretty good job of recording our adventures.

Anyway, I resolve afresh to blog my recipes more often

Please stick with me!