About Me – A Jamie Wannabe

I’m a British and Australian citizen and have lived in 4 countries and worked in and travelled to over 30 more.

Like a number of people of my generation, I grew up to believe that good food was:

1) Very quick, if not instant to prepare

2) Available in supermarket frozen food section

3) Not ‘foreign’

4) Extremely well cooked – When I was younger, I remember frozen peas were always the first thing to start cooking when we had a family dinner…
During my travels, I began to experience things in a different way and although was slightly confronted by new flavours, foods and meat served anything other than cremated (still pink, god forbid!), I persevered.  I became intrigued with how meals were put together, how small techniques can make the difference between a good and great recipe and how different flavours combine.

I love to experience the food and cuisine of every country I visit and try to re-create a little bit of the magic in my own kitchen wherever that may be in the world.

I like to lunch

I like to lunch...

I have a young daughter who makes everything seem like an adventure. She has many food allergies and intolerances, so I am learning to make tasty food without some of the ingredients that most of us rely on.

I’ve decided to take a year or two out from corporate life to travel the world a little more, this time with my wife and toddler (now there’s a challenge!), learn more about blogging and cooking and to decide where to live for the next section of my life.


2 thoughts on “About Me – A Jamie Wannabe

  1. Do you have a good recipe for indian lamb? I have some nice little lamb cutlets in the fridge ready for something creative…and I think Indian is the go tomorrow night.

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